• 6 x 500ml bottles per carton
  • 53% alc. – aged for 30 years in ceramic vats
  • packed in an elegant blue & white porcelain bottle

Fen jiu as a Product

Fenjiu is the ambassador of the light-aroma Baijiu style. The Fenjiu character is clear on the nose, full bodied on the palate, with a clean but long lasting aftertaste. It has a unique taste of floral & fruit aromas, nuts & plum aromas, giving a soft and very balanced sweetness in the mouth. Thanks to its light aroma, it is the most approachable and accessible variety of baijiu.


30 years

From the “Qinghua Fen Jiu 30″ it is a small step to another Chinese legacy: the blue & white porcelain, China’s most famous ‘china’! The bottle is designed with elements of the China core blue & white porcelain, showing the quintessence of the Chinese classic porcelain spirit culture, which is elegant & refined. 

Fen Jiu is tasted in a special porcelain bamboo type goblet.  This goblet is split into 2 sections so it can be used from both ends : the top end holds the smallest measure 5cl, and the reverse end holds three times as much as the top end.  

What other invitation does one need to try this unique liquor ! 


The production of Fenjiu is long and complex and consists of 3 basic raw materials : Sorghum, Qu and water.


is the flavour driving ingredient, crucial to the quality of the final product. It must have a specific starch and tannin content.


the soul of the spirit, is a complex cocktail of microorganisms which are native to the region where Fen Jiu is produced. In its formation also barley and pea are used as fermentation catalysts.


Chinese producers believe that “water is to liquor what blood is to our body”  so the water is a very important part of the process. The water from Fenjiu comes from local wells, 800 meters deep, with a very high mineral content.

As in Scottish whiskies, the grain needs to be turned into a coarse grist, called ‘Hongshen’ in China.  This Hongshen facilitates the fermentation by the Qu microorganisms and enzymes.  After adding the Qu, all is poured into porcelain cylindrical vats, cealed to ferment for a period of 28 days, in a strict temperature-controlled environment.

Fenjiu uses 2 types of fermentations : a ‘double steaming fermentation’ and a solid-state fermentation when the mixture is buried in the vats. This complex fermentation chain is rather unique in the production world of spirits and it really contributes to its organoleptic character.  During the fermentation period, Fenjiu Baijiu does not once get in contact with soil,  which results in a cleaner character than other strong-aroma Baijiu spirits.

After 28 days of fermentation, chaff and rise are added and the mixture is distilled in Fenjiu’s own patented (proprietary) stills.  Fenjiu will age and mellow its various distillates for 3 years in ceramic jars. This process results in a well-balanced fragrance and incredible clarity.

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